Useful Tips For Getting Promoted

There is no doubt that getting rewarded is the biggest motivation for a person to excel at his job, but not everyone can get the promotions they hope for. No one can determine for sure whether or not an employee will get promoted or not, regardless of his performance at work. There are often situations when a less deserving or hardworking employee gets promoted over a better colleague, with no obvious explanation or rationale behind the action.

What you must keep in mind is that sometimes just getting the job done right is not enough to bag a promotion and you have to go the extra mile to show your potential. Before you start aiming for a promotion, you have to make sure that you are eligible for the job you are aiming for and have the capabilities to handle the job. This can be one of the prime reasons why you have been overlooked for a promotion in the past. However, if you feel like you are both qualified and capable of doing your job properly, and can handle more responsibility, there are quite a few things you can do to get the much desired promotion.

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The following are tested and tried methods that work wonders when you are gearing towards a promotion. However, the trick is to not push too hard or test your luck too far.

Do Your Homework

Keep in mind that when you go ask your boss for the promotion, you need to know what to say. Make a note of your skills, the effort you have put into the company over the given time period and your significant achievements. Moreover, do a little research on what the next level of job holds for you. Be prepared to explain to your superior how your experience and knowledge base will be beneficial for that specific position.

Ask For Promotion

The first and most important thing that you need to realize is that you cannot sit and wait for the superiors to automatically promote you to the higher level, because that will probably never happen. In order to get a promotion, you have to make yourself visible and ask for the promotion. Make sure that you interact with the superiors from time to time.

Time It Perfectly

Find out if there is a position open because it can drastically increase the chances of your getting the promotion, if there is an opening within the organization. Timing can be of essence in securing the promotion that you always wanted. If there are no openings in the organization, then the best time to ask for a promotion would be right after you have accomplished a significant task assigned to you that benefitted the company.

Keep Learning

Constantly learning new skills and polishing your old ones is a key factor in getting promoted. If you just keep on repeating your everyday duties without aiming for improvement, there is a very good chance that you will be ignored or bypassed when the time for promotions comes near.

Send The Message

The most important thing is to let your superior know that you are ready to move up the ladder and are willing to undergo further training for the post, if required. Moreover, show the superiors that you are more than capable of effectively handling the responsibilities that come with the next level.

Show Initiative

In order to get promoted, you must be proactive at your job by taking initiatives and recommending new projects and coming up with innovative ideas. This will send a clear message to your manager that you can be even more valuable to the company in the long run.

Get Involved

The biggest mistake you can do is to become too focused on your work, so much so that you fail to grasp the working of your company in a broader perspective. While performing your daily tasks, you should put in the extra time in observing how various departments function. This can prove to be of immense help when you ask for a promotion as not many employees go beyond what’s happening in their own department.

Work Hard

While all the other factors play a very vital role in securing your promotion, you have to keep in mind that the one thing that you cannot be successful without is ‘hard work.’ At no point should you forget that when an employer considers an employee for a promotion, the first thing he will evaluate is the quality and quantity of work. You have to take your work seriously and put in your best effort while working on assignments. Your employer should be aware that you are more than capable of performing your duties and need not to be supervised.

Quantify Your Success

Almost as important as working hard is letting the superiors know about your hard work. Make sure that you tactfully appraise the manager of your efforts and achievements, from time to time.

Show Professional Etiquettes

Developing a good relationship with your boss and colleagues is the key to success in a work place. An employee who is disruptive and shows now regard for his co-worker can hardly expect a promotion. Work place ethics go a long way, not only with the managers but also with the colleagues who might put in a good word for you, even if unknowingly.